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Promotion “Let’s double the results”

This can be your cruise. We double the points!

Countries: Russia, CIS, Ukraine, Georgia, EU, Turkey, Israel.
Dates: March 29 - 30, 2024

This can be your cruise. We double the points!

You asked for it! From March 29 to March 30, 2024, the Company will double your SECOND STEP points. This means that all your efforts during this period will get you on that coveted cruise twice as fast.

How to get points:

Option 1: Enroll new Customers or upgrade the GO status of personally enrolled Associates (the actual payment amount is taken into account):

  • 200 c. u. – 2! points.
  • 400 c. u. – 4! points.
  • 600 c. u. – 6! points.
  • 1800 c. u. – 20! points.
  • 3000 c. u. – 36! points.

Option 2: Generate personal overactivity:

  • 200 PV – 2 points
  • 500 PV – 6 points
  • 1000 PV – 20 points

c. u. (conditional unit) - an internal basic calculation unit of the company, you can see the c. u. exchange rate in your personal account on the website https://backoffice.aplgo.com/ when making a purchase.

PV - a conditional digital indicator assigned to each APL GO product, used in bonus reward and qualification calculations, and when setting the minimum activity of an APL GO Associate.

Overactivity - all personal purchases of the Associate in excess of the required minimum personal activity, which are not used for GO status upgrade. To fulfill the conditions of the overactivity action, the purchase amount must be equal to the sum of the overactivity and minimum activity, if the activity has not been made earlier.

GO-status is a set of opportunities and benefits of the APLGO Associates used in calculation of bonus remunerations.

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